Library Visit!

With such an incredible array of children’s literature available, picking just two to focus on is a near impossible job! But unfortunately this weeks assignment was to do just that.

This Weeks Two Picks

With the kindergarten audience for next week’s school visit in mind I picked two books which are interesting, humorous, relevant and multi-layered to entrance all readers. ‘What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?’ by Lauren Child is a beautiful text which inspires the children to think about the environment and community that they live in, whilst Lilli Messina’s ‘Not So Small After All’ creates a connection to the young reader by talking about relevant issues including body image, growing up and bullying.


‘Not So Small After All’ – Lilli Messina
‘What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?’ – Lauren Child

Both texts are wonderful examples of children’s literature, demonstrating the amazing range and quality available, hopefully you enjoy these books as much as I did.


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